Creating Modules in Canvas

In Canvas, there are many ways to display your content to students. One method is to create modules, which allow you to guide students through the content rather than having them go to multiple areas to receive the assignments and other information.

What are Modules?

Modules are used to organize course content by weeks, units, or whatever organizational structure works for your course. With modules, you are essentially creating a one-directional linear flow of what you would like your students to do.

Adding a Module

  1. From the “Course Navigation,” click “Modules.”
  2. Click “+Modules” in the top-right corner.
  3. Provide a “Module Name.” 
  4. Select a "Lock Until" date and "Prerequisites" if applicable.
  5. Once your settings are complete, click “Add Module” to finish. You will now see an empty module that is ready for content to be added to.

Adding Content to a Module

  1. To add content to the module, find the module and click the "+" button to the right of the module title.
  2. Select an item type you would like to add from the drop-down menu. Once an item type is chosen, a list of items that exist will appear to choose from. You will also have an opportunity to create a new item in any of the types if you wish.
  3. Once you have chosen an item to add to the module, click "Add Item."
  4. Remember to Publish both the module and the items in order for students to view them. 

Controlling Module Access

By default, students can move through modules in any order. This means they can skip to future modules that have been published, as well as skip items within a module. However, there are a few ways to control students' access to and flow through a module:

  • Set Lock dates to control when a module will open so students do not access the content too early.
    • When you create or edit a module, you can set a "lock until" date. While students can see published items in the module, they will not be able to access it until the lock date has passed.
  • Set Prerequisites to control what modules must be completed before moving on to the next module.
    • You can select a previous existing module to be complete to be a prerequisite of the selected module. This means that students will not be able to access the selected module until the prerequisite module has been completed.
  • Set Requirements on what items within a module must be completed.
    • This opens up two options:
      • "Students must complete all of these requirements," which means that all items in the module must be viewed and completed. Under this option, is also the option of "Students must move through requirements in sequential order." Checking this box would require students to complete the module items in the order that they are presented. They would not be able to skip around within the module.
      • "Student must complete one of these requirements," which will bring up a drop-down menu of the items. Select the item you want the student to complete and what is considered "complete." To add more than one item, click "+ Add requirement" again and repeat.