LTI User Guide - Moodle

LTI Installation and Configuration

What you will need:

  • Ability to add an LTI Tool to the system
  • Your Interplay Learning LTI Key and Secret
  1. Log in as a Moodle administrator
  2. Select Site Administration from the left-hand sidebar in Moodle.
  3. Select Plugins.
  4. Under Activity modules select 'External tool'.
  5. Select Manage tools.
  6. Within the Add toolbox, select configure a tool manually.
  7. Begin your external tool configuration:
    1. Enter a name for your external tool (e.g. Interplay Learning LTI)
    2. Enter the following URL:
    3. Enter your Consumer Key. (This is your Interplay Learning LTI Key)
    4. Enter your Shared Secret. (This is your Interplay Learning LTI Secret)
  8. From the Tool configuration usage drop-down list, select “Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool”.

Adding an Interplay Course or Chapter as an Activity or Resource Item in a Module

  1. Navigate to the course and topic where you wish to add Interplay Learning content.
  2. Select "+ Add an activity or Resource".

3. Select "External Tool".


4. In the "Pre-configured Tool" field select "Interplay Learning LTI".

5. Select the "Select Content" button to link to the specific Interplay Learning content. You can choose either a full course by selecting the Course Link or specific chapters under Chapter Links.

6. After you have selected your content, it should update the “Activity Name” and “Tool URL” automatically. You can modify the activity name but you should NOT modify the “Tool URL” field.


7. Under "Privacy", you will need to check all options in order for the Interplay Learning LTI to fully communicate with Moodle.


8. Under "Activity Completion", the recommended settings are:


9. All other activity settings can be updated as normal for a course activity.


Scoring and Grades

If you choose a Course Link when you create your assignment, the LTI embeds a full Interplay Learning course. The learner's score on the assignment is the percent of the Interplay Learning course that the learner has completed.  This grade will update every time the learner progresses further in the Interplay Learning course. 


For Course Links, if you used the recommended activity completion settings above, it will mark the activity complete after the student has accessed the Interplay Learning course and completed at least one item within the course. If that is not desired, you should change the completion tracking option to "Students can manually mark the activity as completed". 


If you choose a Chapter Link when you create your assignment, the LTI embeds just a single chapter from the Interplay Learning course into your assignment. The learner's score will be reported as 100% once they complete all the required elements of the chapter. Until then it will show as 0%. Learners must pass Knowledge Checks with a score of 80% or higher in order for that element to be considered complete.