How do I use the Rewards Feature?

Keeping your team motivated to learn is now easier than ever!

As an administrator, you can now set rewards for your employees! 

You can set a reward based on one of three things: 

  • A set number of points earned
  • Completing a course
  • Completing a path

Please note: if you are a SCORM user, this feature is not available to you. 

How to add a reward

Want to add a reward? Head over to the Command Center, and click on "Add Reward". You can choose your own completion requirement - points, course completion, or path completion. 

When adding a reward, it's being adding to the group or subgroup you currently have selected. 

Screen Recording 8-16-2022 at 7.58 AMYou can add as many rewards as you'd like, and edit them once they're live! 

You can also download a report of all the rewards your team has earned, so it's easy to keep up with. 

Screen Recording 8-16-2022 at 8.04 AM

Head over to the Command Center today to add a Reward for your team!