Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding SCORM integrations.

What is SCORM?

Refer to this article to learn the basics of SCORM.

How do I import a SCORM course to my LMS?

Check out the LMS Integration portion of our Help Center to find guides on importing SCORM courses to popular learning management systems.

What user data does Interplay Learning store?

In order to track course progress, seat counts, and usage data, we require a unique ID which is sent from the customer’s learning management system associated with a particular user. This ID is generally an email, a unique user ID, or a GUID and is defined by the customer’s LMS. If the user data provided by the LMS is anonymized, then so is the data we store for that user. In addition to the user’s unique ID, we also store their first and last name in order to personalize their learning experience. However, this step can be skipped if required for privacy.
In other words, the only user data that we require in order for our system to work is the cmi.core.student_id which is passed from the customer’s LMS to to be stored in our database.

What grading feedback can I expect?

The answer to this question can be highly influenced by the learning management system’s grading system but generally speaking, you can expect to see a progress/completion grade with Single-SCO courses. In other words, as a student completes each section of a course, their grade will go up until they have gotten all green checkmarks in the course at which point they will have 100% in the course. Students will get a green check mark each time they watch a video, complete a sim, get at least 80% on a knowledge check, etc. 

Can I use VR?

Yes! If using a tethered headset, a custom Windows app will need to be built for you.
If using a standalone headset such as the Meta Quest 2, please reference these instructions.

Can I use this on my iPad or Android tablet?

Yes, however App Store requirements for login, registration, etc. must be met by the customer’s learning management system. If a customer’s LMS already has a tablet app, it would NOT support our 3D simulation content.
More information can be found here.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to Interplay Learning support for more help or check out our other articles.