Importing a SCORM Course to Moodle

SCORM integration steps for Moodle

This guide will walk you through how to add a SCORM course to the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

Download the SCORM File

First, you will need to obtain your secret SCORM token from your Interplay Learning Representative.
Next, navigate to where you can type in your SCORM token and then click OK.
Once you've entered your SCORM token, you will see the available SCORM course downloads categories.
Simply click on your desired category and course and the SCORM zip file will appear in your Downloads folder by default. Hold onto that for now as we will add it to the Moodle LMS soon.
For this example, I have downloaded the "Residential A/C Troubleshooting - 3D/VR" course.

Add the SCORM Course to Moodle

Note: this example uses Moodle's default demo configuration, called "Mount Orange School".
Log into Moodle and make sure that you have Manager or Admin permissions.
Click on "My courses" from the side menu or click "access all courses" in the introduction message.
Next, I will walk through creating a category and course in Moodle. If you already have a course set up in Moodle, skip to "Add the SCORM Course to an Existing Course in Moodle".

Create a Category in Moodle

To create a category in Moodle, click on "Manage courses" while in the Courses section.
Click on "Create new category".
Enter the information about your category. For this example, I set the parent category to "Top", otherwise I would be making a sub-category. Click "Create category" when you are finished.

Create a Course in Moodle

Now that you can see your category in the Course categories list, you can create a new Moodle course by clicking "Create new course".
Enter the information about your course. Be sure to choose the appropriate category.
For best results, ask your Interplay Learning Representative for a course description and course image.
There is an arsenal of other settings you may choose to adjust to fit your particular needs. When you are ready, click "Save and display".

Add the SCORM Course to an Existing Course in Moodle

In the "Participants" section of the existing Moodle course, click "Proceed to course content".
Click "Turn editing on".
Simply drag and drop your SCORM package into the appropriate week on Moodle.
Select "Add a SCORM package" and then click "Upload".
Your new package will appear where you drag and dropped it. Click it to see more information.
Click "Enter" to see that the course is fully integrated.

Still Have Questions?

If you are still unable to import the SCORM file into the Moodle LMS, feel free to reach out to an Interplay Learning representative for more help or other options.