Accessing and Using SAM in SIMs

How to find and get started with SAM in SIMs

    How to find SIMs that have SAM 

    • When SAM is enabled for a group, SAM will immediately be available in simulations for all members in that group

    • SAM is available in dozens of training and challenge simulations, and every simulation will indicate whether SAM is available or not (see images below)
    • Download a list of all courses that contain a simulation with SAM in it (up-to-date as of August 2, 2023).

    How to Get Started with SAM in SIMs

    • To get started with SAM, simply open a SIM containing SAM and click on the blue chat bubble at the top right. You can click on it again at any point to close the dialog box.
    • The first time you open up the dialogue box, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you
      should use your judgment when engaging with SAM.
    • You will only have to click the “I Understand” button the first time you open SAM.
    • To talk with SAM, you can:
      1. Select from any of the pre-set prompts (see image)
      2. Write your own own question via keyboard in the chat
      3. Click on the microphone button to voice your question to SAM

    Providing Feedback on SAM

    • As you progress through a conversation with SAM, you can provide feedback on whether a response was useful or not, simply click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon
    • You will be presented with an option to add more detail to your feedback or report a bug if you’re having a different issue with the simulation



    How to Turn SAM Off or On via User Profile

    Every user in a team with SAM enabled can disable SAM entirely.

    • Click your name at the top right of any screen in SkillMill
    • Select “Profile
    • Scroll down to “AI Settings
    • Un-check the box to disable SAM, or keep the box checked to see SAM where it is available in SIMs