Downloading Course Transcripts

In this article we'll teach you how to download the transcripts from our courses

Hello Learners! Welcome back to another article here at Interplay Learning. 

We recognize that sometimes you'd like to download transcripts to use them for notes or to follow along, so in this article, we'll teach you how to download these transcripts! 

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Step 1: 

In our courses, you'll notice three dots on the right hand side of each activity, press this.

Download transcripts 1-1

Step 2: 

After clicking the three dots, you'll have an option, "Download Transcript" Press this button 

download transcript 2-1

Step 3: 

Depending on the video, you'll be given an option for English, Spanish or both. When selecting this, do keep in mind that you are only downloading the transcript for that particular activity, not the entire course. Transcripts need to be downloaded per activity. 

download transcript 3-1

Some courses may only offer English transcripts. The availability of Spanish transcripts varies by course, we are working on translating courses and appreciate your patience! 

After you've selected your language, you can find your transcripts in the download folder! 

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Thank you for sticking with us through that article! We hope it helps in your learning journey! 

Happy Learning! 😎