Grading in Canvas

Do Interplay courses provide a grade in Canvas? Do they pass back to Canvas automatically once learners complete a task?

Yes, our content is a great way to easily assign assignments that can go towards a grade AND assess the knowledge gained through the training. It's not just busy work, but interactive methods for checking understanding.

  • Yes, once a course/module is completed, instructors will see a pass/fail or complete/incomplete (not a specific grade) in the Canvas gradebook. The pass/fail grade includes knowledge checks AND video completions. They must complete all parts of the course/module to receive the grade. 
  • All Interplay courses include videos AND assessments, which we call "knowledge checks". They are multiple choice questions that assess the learners comprehension of the concepts taught in the Interplay courses/modules. Learners must score an 80% or above to pass the knowledge check.

How do instructors check what questions students got correct or missed if it's via SCORM/LTI?

  • Instructors will need to log into Interplay's admin portal to check individual learner answers. To gain access to the admin portal, reach out to your account manager

Can learners get assigned parts of Interplay courses (e.g. specific videos, etc.)?

  • They won’t be able to assign just parts of the course in Canvas. Canvas will only let them assign one an eligible assignment, which is currently the full Interplay course/module. 
  • HOWEVER if you want to look into the subchapters of each module, you will need to utilize LTI files.

Do instructors need to do anything special to set up a course to automatically put grading into Canvas gradebook?

  • No, they shouldn’t have to do anything to have grades show up in the gradebook. It should’ve been set up through their initial integration.

Below is an example of what this should look like 

After uploading the zip file, an admin has to select "import as graded assignment" for our progress to go in the grade book:

Progress is calculated and reported back to the gradebook based on the percentage of the course completed. 

Below is a photo of a user whom has not completed their course 

Their score displays as: 

Is Interplay content compatible with Canvas speedgrader?

  • No, if it's enabled for Interplay courses, the instructors will receive an error.