How are points calculated for a course?

Studies show that learners learn best when they're having fun and when they have goals, targets, and achievements to reach for. One of the ways we achieve this on SkillMill is through awarding points to learners for participating in learning activities from watching a video to taking a knowledge check.  

As a manager, points are one way for you to assess your technicians' level of engagement on SkillMill. While there is a correlation with levels of engagement and competency, we recognize everyone learns at a different pace and have different ways to retaining information. Some learners may want to re-watch a video lesson multiple times to fully comprehend a topic or redo a simulation multiple times to build their muscle memory for a task. When this happens, they'll earn additional points. Some learners may be able to grasp the concepts quickly after going through the course once and, as a result, this learner will have fewer pointers than the former. Please use points earned on SkillMill as one way to gauge level of engagement on SkillMill and not as a measure of a technician's competency.  

Below is a breakdown of how points are awarded. You can also find this information from your dashboard by selecting the more information icon by your stats.

Interplay Learning (3)

Breakdown of Points

  • Finishing a video lesson - 10 pts
  • Completing knowledge checks with 100% accuracy - 5 pts
  • Completing a training simulation lesson - 5 pts
  • Completing a challenge simulation - 10 pts
  • Completing an assessment simulation - 20 pts