How Do I Create a Custom Learning Path?

Hello readers! In this article we'll cover how to create a custom learning path for your learners!

What is a Custom Learning Path?

First, let's talk about what a Custom Learning Path is, and how you can use it with your learners!
A Custom Learning Path is a curated collection of courses that an Instructor creates for their learners.
Learners must complete courses based on the sequence set by the Instructor within each custom learning path.
While this option is great for Instructors who want a high level of customization for their learners, it can be time-consuming to create each path. The Instructor would need to have a wide breadth of knowledge on training needs and industry knowledge to curate an effective learning experience for their learners.

Custom Learning Paths also provide the ability to link to external documents you may be wanting to use to supplement your users' learning. We'll talk about that more within the steps below. 

What do I need to create a custom learning path?

In order to be able to create a custom learning path, you need to be an Instructor. Without instructor privileges, you won't be able to do this. 

How do I create a Custom Learning Path?

  1. Access a Parent or a Subgroup
2. Go to the Command Center tab and click on Custom Learning Paths from the boxes.
Once you've clicked on this, you are able to:
  • See a list of existing custom learning paths
  • Create a new learning path
  • Switch from "only this group" to "include subgroups"
 Creating a new Custom Learning Path
    1. Click "Create Learning Path" 
2. Make sure you fill in the title and description, as well as add an image, all of these sections are required. Then click "Create"
3. After clicking "create," you'll be taken to the "Edit Learning Path" page where you can: 
  • Edit the Learning path (name, description, photo)
  • Assign the Learning path
  • Add Content
  • Remove Content
  • Reorder Content

Editing a Learning Path

1. Click "Edit Learning Path" 


      2. Here you'll be able to edit your title, description, change image. 
This is not where you'll edit the content of your Learning Path. 

Assigning Learning Path

1. Click "Assign" Button


2. Select whether you'd like to assign this Learning path to individuals or groups


  • Click "Add Content"
  • Choose either "Add Course" or "Add External Link"

Adding Content

1. Click "Add Content"

2. Choose either "Add Course" or "Add External Link" 


Adding a Course 

1. Click "Add Course"


Once clicked, you will be presented with a menu where you can select categories, scroll through lists of courses and search for a specific course, like below: 


      2. Once you've selected your courses, click "add" and those courses will be added to your learning path! 


Adding an External Link

1. Click "Add Content" and select "Add External Link" 


    You will be presented with the menu below: 

     Here you will be able to add the link to your content, whether this be a link to a youtube video, a google drive link, that's up to you! 
    2. When you've added your links and Title info, click "add"

External links are listed on the "Content" list in the custom learning path

Removing Content

Click the three dots on the right side of "content" and select "remove"

 Editing Content

1. Click on the three dot menu on the right side of your content. 

2. If your content is an external resource, there will be two options, "edit" and "remove." 

If your material is categorized as content, keep in mind, the only option here is to select "Remove"

3. Click "Edit" and you will see the below menu 


Here you will be able to edit the Title or URL. Once you've completed your changes, click "Save" 

Reordering Content

You can reorder content by pressing on the three lines on the left side of your content image, and dragging and dropping! 


Thank you as always for taking the time to read this article! We hope this is a great resource for you and your users! Happy Learning 😀