What are the Knowledge Check Reinforcement features?

Help learners better retain knowledge during their Knowledge Check quizzes with Knowledge Check Reinforcement.

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks are short quizzes that follow each lesson. They help learners focus, remember key pieces of information, and zero in on just a few key takeaways from each course module.

Knowledge Check Reinforcement

The Knowledge Check Reinforcement features in SkillMill were created to help learners improve knowledge retention during quizzes, provide more detailed information about a learner's quiz history, and help learners quickly remediate incorrect answers when taking quizzes.

These features include:

Knowledge Remediation

Knowledge Remediation gives learners the ability to view instructional content, such as videos or pictures, right in the quiz window so learners can understand why their answer was incorrect in real-time.

Yo5TvCo4T08yT4sf3PrSYkoVelgVpuHGo9jWOPvGWhen learners view the instructional content for incorrect quiz answers, they will see a pop-up appear over their quiz. They can exit the pop-up at any time and return to their quiz.

Review Attempts 

Review attempts give learners the ability to review previous quiz history to help them identify areas for improvement and areas of success.


Learners can click on the Review Attempts button in the Knowledge Check section of their course module to access quiz history.


Please view the following Q&A for specific information on the Knowledge Check Reinforcement features. 


Q: When can learners expect to see these new features?

A: Learners will be able to see and utilize the Review Attempts feature after April 19th, 2023.
Learners will begin to see Knowledge Remediation on courses released after April 19th, 2023.


Q: Will these features be available in all courses?

A: Learners will be able to see the Review Attempts feature immediately in all quizzes they have previously attempted.

The Knowledge Check Remediation feature will be available in select courses released after April 19th, 2023. 


Q: Is pass/fail information available for admins to view?

A: The Review Attempts button is only visible to those who take the Knowledge Check quizzes. While the Knowledge Check scores are still available for admins to view, specific pass/fail information is not visible to admins at this time.


Q: Is the learner required to review remediation content before moving on to the next answer?

A: Reviewing remediation content is completely optional for learners! The purpose is to help learners understand why they answered a question incorrectly, but it is not mandatory.


Q: How does this impact admin reviews?

A: These features do not impact admins. Admins will still see attempts on quizzes in the same way as before without any extra information added or removed.


Q: Can learners change answers once they get the guidance, or do they need to retake the test if they don't pass?

A: No, learners cannot change their answers after interacting with remediation content. The purpose of the remediation is to inform them why they failed so they can succeed in the next quiz attempt.


Q: Is this available for SCORM or LTI users?

A: At this time, these features are not available to SCORM or LTI users.