LTI User Guide - D2L Brightspace

LTI Installation and Configuration

Interplay Learning Courses are preloaded into your Brightspace course and the LTI is installed using a Common Cartridge course file. You will need to download the Common Cartridge file before you can import it into your Brightspace course. 


What you will need:

  • A Brightspace course
  • Ability to import Course Packages 
  • Ability to add LTI Tool Providers 
  • Your Interplay Learning LTI Key and Secret

Download the Common Cartridge Course Package

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter in your Interplay Learning LTI Key when prompted to enter a SCORM token. 
  3. Once in, click on the catalog and pick the courses you want to download for import into your LMS. You can select as many courses as you want.
  4. Once you are done selecting your courses, scroll to the bottom and select Download Selected Courses. You will then be presented with an options window.
  5. Select the following required options for Course Level Linking: 
    1. Type: LTI 1.1
    2. Download Mode: Course Mode
    3. Platform: Common Cartridge 
  6. Next, select 'Download Content'. This will download a Common Cartridge file to your computer. 

Add Interplay as a Tool Provider

  1. Log in to your Brightspace course as an administrator
  2. Select Course Admin from the Course Navigation menu
  3. Select External Learning Tools under Site Resources.
  4. Select Manage Tool Providers (Legacy) to add Interplay Learning as a tool provider
  5. Select New Tool Provider
  6. On the tool provider screen, use the following settings:
    1. Launch Point:
    2. Version: Inherit Global (1.1)
    3. OAuth Signature Method: HMAC-SHA256
    4. Secret: (This is your Interplay Learning LTI Secret provided by your AM)
    5. Tool consumer Information: check “Use custom tool consumer information instead of default”
    6. Key: (This is your Interplay Learning LTI Key provided by your AM)
    7. Name: Interplay Learning
    8. Visibility: check “Allow users to use this tool provider”
    9. Security Settings: check all options
    10. Make tool provider available to: (Please consult your LMS administrator for what options to check here)
  7. Select Save and Close



Adding an Interplay Courses as Content

Be sure to have downloaded your Interplay Learning courses ahead of time. If you have not done this, view the section “Download the Common Cartridge Course Package” above. 

  1. Log in to a course as an administrator
  2. Select Course Admin from the Course Navigation menu
  3. Select Import/ Export/Copy Components from the Sire Resources area
  4. Select the Import Components option and then select “from a course package” as the component source. 
  5. Select Start. Uploading and converting the content could take a while, especially if you are uploading multiple courses.
  6. Select Upload and select your previously downloaded Course Cartridge Course Package from your computer
  7. Select Import All Components
  8. Wait until all content has been uploaded, converted, and imported. Once the import is complete, return to the Course Content area of the course from the Course Navigation menu
  9. The Interplay Learning courses you previously downloaded should now appear under their respective category titles under the Table of Contents


Scoring and Grades

When using the Interplay Learning LTI to embed an Interplay Learning course into your LMS, it is embedded as a gradable activity. A column for the Interplay Learning course will be generated in the  grade center automatically the first time a student or instructor opens that Interplay Learning course link. The learner's score on the assignment is the percent of the Interplay Learning course that the learner has completed. For example, if your assignment is worth 100 points and the learner completes 30% of the content, the score in the gradebook will display as 30. If your assignment is worth 110 points, and the learner completes 30% of the content, the score in the gradebook will display as 33.  This score will update every time the learner progresses further in the Interplay Learning course.