Meet SAM

Meet SAM, the first AI-powered advisor for the skilled trades


SAM gives your team instant and personalized guidance so they can gain skills faster and learn more efficiently.

With SAM by their side, your technicians can ask questions and receive instant assistance while they’re using SkillMill. SAM helps enhance comprehension, sharpen critical thinking, and fast-track learning by combining Interplay’s expert content with cutting-edge AI technology.

SAM is programmed to be an informed, friendly advisor, powered by a blend of AI and Interplay’s learning material. It's helpful while still challenging technicians to think deeper so it doesn’t become a crutch. SAM also helps technicians feel comfortable asking questions they might otherwise keep to themselves.

We want SAM to be the sidekick to your online training success that you and your technicians have been looking for, and your feedback is critical to getting there. Thank you for your interest and engagement with this exciting new feature!

Interplay customers participating in the Beta will get free access to SAM throughout 2023.