How do I navigate Assessment Mode Simulations in SkillMill and White Labels?

Now YOU can choose whether you want your learners to complete these master-level simulations, and here's how to do it.

Assessment Mode Simulations are real-world virtual scenarios where learners practice and prove their skills. They are expected to navigate the environment, utilize tools, and correctly resolve any issues within the environment without any guidance. 

Assessment Mode will be separated from its original course experience so that admins have increased agency over learner progress. Should users feel ready to make this part of learning, there are ways to add it back into the experience.

Where do I find Assessment Mode Simulations? 

You will now be able to access Assessment Mode Simulations in any of these places. New assessment mode courses will have the following naming convention: [Original course name + "Assessment Simulation"] and courses will contain the thumbnail "Master Your Trade."

Via Search:
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In the Browse section with the course tile reading "Master Your Trade:"

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Which courses are impacted and what are their corresponding assessment mode titles?

Course Name Course ID (short text) Assessment Mode Simulation Title
Centrifugal Pump Repair HVAC505 Centrifugal Pump Repair Assessment Simulation
Chiller Troubleshooting HVAC700 Chiller Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Commercial A/C Troubleshooting (3 Phase Compressor) HVAC331 Commercial A/C Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Diagnosing Circuits: 3-Way Lighting ELEC202 Diagnosing Circuits: 3-Way Lighting Assessment Simulation
Diagnosing Circuits: Simply Lighting & Receptacles ELEC201 Diagnosing Circuits: Simple Lighting & Sockets Assessment Simulation
Dishwasher Troubleshooting APPL202 Dishwasher Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Electric Dryer Diagnostics APPL204 Electric Dryer Diagnostics Assessment Simulation
Electric Furnace Troubleshooting HVAC315 Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Electric Range Troubleshooting APPL201 Electric Range Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting PLMB201 Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Gas Boiler Troubleshooting HVAC311 Gas Boiler Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Gas Furnace Troubleshooting HVAC321 Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Gas Rooftop Refrigeration Troubleshooting HVAC701 Gas Rooftop Refrigeration Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting PLMB204 Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Heat Pump Troubleshooting (Residential) HVAC341 Heat Pump Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
High Efficiency Boiler Troubleshooting HVAC361 High Efficiency Boiler Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Kitchen Sink Troubleshooting PLMB203 Kitchen Sink Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Light Commercial Electrical: Apartment Facilities Maintenance ELEC205 Light Commercial Electrical: Apartment Facilities Maintenance Assessment Simulation
Mini Split Troubleshooting HVAC375 Mini-Split Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Packaged Refrigeration Unit Troubleshooting CREF301 Packaged Refrigeration Unit Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Refrigerator Troubleshooting APPL205 Refrigerator Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Residential AC Troubleshooting HVAC301 Residential A/C Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Rooftop Unit Troubleshooting HVAC351 Rooftop Unit Troubleshooting Assessment Simulation
Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement PLMB202 Toilet Troubleshooting and Replacement Assessment Simulation
Washer Diagnostics APPL203 Washer Diagnostics Assessment Simulation


Please view the following Q&A if you're curious about what happens to course and path progress, completions, and certificates. 

Q: Why are we making the change? What is the benefit?

A: The goal is to eliminate assessment mode SIMs as a barrier to course completion, without removing them completely from the platform. Courses containing them today have a 30% completion rate. If the learner cannot successfully complete the simulation, they also cannot complete the course.

Q: If a user has made progress on an assessment SIM but has not completed it, how will progress be reflected in the new course?

A: The progress made on the assessment SIM will carry over to the new course.

Q: If a user has completed/started a course with an assessment mode SIM, will the new assessment SIM course reflect this completion?

A: Yes, the completion of that course should be reflected in both versions, and the user will be awarded an additional course certificate upon enrolling/starting in the cloned SIM course. If the learner has made progress on the original, that same progress will be reflected in the new version.

Q:  What happens to partial progress in the original course when an assessment SIM is hidden?

A: The user's progress should jump up in percentage.

Q: What will happen to course times once assessment mode is hidden?

A : They will decrease. (Est. 2 hours depending on the content and number of scenarios within the Assessment Simulation)