Pre-loading Interplay Learning Courses into a Canvas Course (MF)

Pre-loading Interplay Learning Courses into a Canvas Course

This method is recommended if your Canvas course will primarily contain Interplay Learning content. If you are using only specific Interplay content to supplement an existing course, you do not need to pre-load the Interplay Learning courses into your course ahead of time. 

If you are going to be using a large number of Interplay Learning LTI Courses in your Canvas course, you have the option to pre-load those courses all at once as a Canvas Common Cartridge file.

If you choose to import the LTI Courses using a Canvas Common Cartridge file, this will also install the LTI in the apps section, but you will still need to complete the configuration before learners will be able to access the content. 

Download the Canvas Common Cartridge Course Package

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter in your Interplay Learning LTI Key when prompted to enter a SCORM token. 
  3. Once in, click on the catalog and pick the courses you want to download for import into your LMS:
  4. You can select as many courses as you want. Once you are done selecting your courses, scroll to the bottom and select Download Selected Courses. You will then be presented with an options window.
  5. Select the following required options for Course Level Linking: 
    1. Type: LTI 1.1
    2. Download Mode: Course Mode
    3. Platform: Canvas Common Cartridge 

Note: If you wish to use Chapter Level linking, you should select “Chapter Mode” as the Download Mode option in the step above. Chapter Level Linking will work as course uploads do, only once uploaded, the course chapters are separated within the LMS to assign and move individually. When you import a Canvas Common Cartridge file that was downloaded in Chapter Mode, it will pre-load ALL the chapters within the course or courses you included into your Canvas course. 

6. Next, select 'Download Content'. This will download a Canvas Common Cartridge file to your computer. Then proceed to the next section to Add the Interplay Learning Courses to your Canvas course. 

Add Interplay Learning Courses to Canvas

Log into Canvas and navigate back to the course you are going to be importing the Interplay Learning Courses into. You will need administrator privileges to import the content and install the LTI. 

  1. Start by clicking on "Settings" from the Courses side menu then select "Import Course Content".


2. From the drop-down menu, select "Canvas Course Export Package". 
3. Next, browse to select the Canvas Common Cartridge file you downloaded in the previous section. You can choose to either import all content or select specific content. For the purposes of this guide, we will select specific content. Click "Import".



4. After a few seconds, you can click on a blue "Select Content" button which should appear to the right of your recent import file.



5. From here you can select which module(s) or assignments(s) you want to import by clicking on the arrow which will expand the lists. Also, be sure to select the last item, "External Tools".  Once done, click "Select Content".

6. Once the status changes to "Completed", you can proceed to the next section Completing the LTI Configuration. 

Completing LTI Configuration

Pre-loading the courses will install the LTI, but you will need to complete the configuration before the Interplay Learning content will be available to your learners. To complete the configuration: 

  1. Go to the course "Settings" again and select the "Apps" tab. From here, click on "View App Configurations". 


2. Select the gear icon next to "Interplay Learning" and click "Edit".



3. Most of the information will be pre-filled here but you will need to edit the "Consumer Key" (customer Consumer Key) and "Shared Secret" (abcdef) which were provided to you. If you do not know these, ask your Interplay Learning representative. Click "Submit" when you are done. 

You can confirm that your courses are loaded correctly by selecting "Assignments" or "Modules" from the side menu. To distinguish, Assignments will include all courses grouped by category but listed only once while Modules will include all courses grouped by category, as they appear in the Interplay Learning version of the catalog. There may be duplicated courses in different categories where applicable. 


If you click on a course, you will see that the title and description have been pre-filled and the course itself should be running as expected. You may choose to make adjustments to the assignments by clicking on "Edit Assignment Settings".