Preparing for NATE Exams

Which courses or paths to complete to prepare for a NATE Exam and where to schedule an exam

Interplay Learning is the exclusive online training partner for the NATE Training Academy.

Preparing for a NATE Exam

To be fully prepared on the material covered in each exam, complete the training from Interplay Learning.

NATE Ready to Work

Prepare for NATE Ready to Work Exam with the NATE Ready-to-Work Exam Prep course.


For each section of the NATE CHP-5 exam complete the relevant training pathway. Each pathway ends with the NATE CHP-5 Exam course which includes the link to the myNATE portal where the exams are scheduled. 

  • NATE CHP-5: HVAC Fundamentals path
    • ELEC104: Intro to Electrical Code
    • ELEC107: Wire Types and Sizes
    • HVAC054: Trades Math
    • HVAC070: Intro to HVAC Mechanical Code
    • HVAC100: HVAC Basics (NATE: Ready to Work)
    • HVAC101: Introduction to Refrigeration Systems
    • HVAC103: Basic HVAC Tools
    • HVAC251: EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Core
    • CNST050: Basic Construction for Trades
  • NATE CHP-5: Electrical and Controls path
    • ELEC101: Fundamental Electrical Concepts
    • ELEC108: AC Power
    • ELEC113: How to Use a Multimeter
    • ELEC117: Building DC Circuits
    • HVAC061: Common HVAC Formulas
    • HVAC080: HVAC Controls
    • HVAC081: Solid State Electronics
    • HVAC201: Symbols and Wiring Diagrams
    • HVAC202: Thermostats and Heating Controls
    • HVAC204: HVAC Motors
    • HVAC206: Compressor Starting Relays and Capacitors
    • HVAC315: Electric Furnace Troubleshooting
    • HVAC321: Gas Furnace Troubleshooting
  • NATE CHP-5: Comfort & Airflow path
    • HVAC050: What is HVAC?
    • HVAC071: Comfort and Humidity
    • HVAC072: Psychrometrics
    • HVAC073: Comfort and Airflow
    • HVAC102: Temperature, Pressure, and Heat
    • HVAC114: HVAC Ducting & Airflow
    • HVAC210: Airflow Testing Procedures
  • NATE CHP-5: Installation path
    • HVAC075: Residential Ducted A/C and Heat Pump Installation
    • HVAC076: Gas Furnace Commissioning Overview
    • HVAC077: Residential Split A/C System Commissioning
    • HVAC104: Leak Check and Evacuation
    • HVAC105: Charging Part 1: Tools and Rules
    • HVAC106: Charging Part 2: Subcooling and Superheat
    • HVAC274: Leak, Evacuation, and Charging
  • NATE CHP-5: Service path
    • HVAC110: Introduction to Heat Pumps
    • HVAC113: HVAC Maintenance
    • HVAC260: Fall HVAC Maintenance Procedures
    • HVAC301: Residential A/C Troubleshooting
    • HVAC341: Heat Pump Troubleshooting (Residential)

Scheduling a NATE Exam

When you are ready to take an exam, create a myNATE account, select your exam, and schedule using their online scheduling service.

  1. Start in the NATE CHP-5 Exam course and click "START" in the Scheduling a NATE exam activity. 
  2. Create a myNATE account, or log-in if you already have an account.
  3. Select the appropriate exam and follow the instructions on the myNATE website to schedule and pay for the exam.


Q: Can I purchase or pay for my NATE exam through Interplay Learning?

A: Not at this time. Please schedule and make payment via the myNATE website.

Use the following links to learn more about each exam, including pricing and proctoring details:

Click here for more details about the NATE Ready to Work exam.

Click here for more details about the NATE CHP-5 exam.


Q: I am a learner in Interplay Academy, taking an HVAC pathway. Is my NATE Ready to Work exam included in my membership?

A: Yes, as an Interplay Academy learner one NATE Ready to Work exam is included in your membership. Please complete all pathways. Then, if you are a Lowe's team member, contact for assistance. If you are using a different academy program, please reach out to your program administrator.