SAM Availability

FAQs on when, where, and how SAM is available to users

What are the requirements to join the waitlist and participate in the beta?

Only admins currently using Interplay’s training are eligible to join the waitlist. We grant full teams opt-in access to the beta, not individual members.

How do learners access SAM?

Once SAM has been enabled, learners can easily access SAM by simply clicking SAM's icon on the top right of their screen. They can click the icon again to make SAM disappear when they are done asking questions.

Is SAM a standalone tool?

SAM is not a standalone AI tool. SAM is fully integrated into SkillMill and leverages our proprietary content that's been created by seasoned experts. During the beta, SAM will only be available within select simulations -- via a browser, optimized for desktop

Does SAM require an Internet connection, and can it be accessed via a mobile device?

Initially, SAM will only be available via an Internet browser, and it will be optimized for the desktop.

Can a tech use SAM in the field (not in office)?

SAM is not currently designed to be used as an in-the-field advisor. It is intended to be used as a mentor that can provide guidance while learners are training within SkillMill. With the initial release, SAM will only be available within SkillMill's simulations.

Will SAM be available in Interplay Academy?

Yes, if the Academy customer is on our React front-end, then the customer is eligible to participate in the beta. Customers will be selected to participate according to the schedule and priority listed on page three of this document.

How many/what languages does SAM support?

Interplay's sim content is only available in English and Spanish. However, an individual could prompt SAM to respond in any of the 90+ languages that GPT-4 supports.

Can SAM be disabled?

Yes, SAM can be toggled on/off by the administrator and the learner.