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Setting up the Vive Focus 3

Setting up headset: No account is necessary, just agree to the terms and conditions! Set up your guardian and you are good to go!

Getting SkillMill into the Vive Focus 3
  • Download the most recent APK. Access the file here.

Note: When new fixes/updates are pushed through, users should retrieve the latest APK to replace the older version.

  • Plug the headset into your computer via USB cable (included with the charger).
  • Open Windows File Explorer.

  • Open Vive Focus 3 -> Internal shared storage -> Download folder.

  • Move APK into the download folder. 

Now unplug your headset and put it on! You can now install SkillMill on your Vive Focus 3. 

  • Open up the main menu if not already open.
  • Click on File Manager -> APKs tab (listed along the top line).
  • Click on SkillMillPico.apk and install.
  • Go to the app library to open and launch SkillMill

Using a MicroSD Card to Install the SkillMill APK on VIVE Focus 3

If your USB connection does not work with your computer (i.e. the VIVE Focus 3 is not recognized by your computer), a microSD card can be used instead. Note: if you do not have a microSD card and/or microSD card reader on your laptop, request a microSD card and adapter from IT (Matt Smith).

  1. Setup and download the most recent APK as instructed above.
  2. Using a reader or adapter, plug the microSD card into your computer.
  3. Open windows explorer.
  4. From the APK file download location, copy and paste the APK file into the microSD card folder.
  5. Once the file is transferred, right-click on the microSD card folder location in windows explorer and hit “Eject”. Note: always eject devices before removing them from your computer!

  1. To insert the microSD card into your VIVE Focus 3, remove the face mask of your VR headset (should come off easily). 
  2. On the left side near the eyepiece is a small slot. Insert the microSD card (without adapter) with the label facing the eyepiece. Press down on the microSD card until it clicks into place. Reinstall the face mask on the headset.
  3. Turn on the VIVE Focus 3 and put on your headset.
  4. Once in the VIVE lobby, hit “Settings” on the menu.
  5. Scroll to “Storage” and click “File Browser”.
  6. In the “disk” folder you should see the SkillMil APK file. Click and “Install” to get the app on your VIVE.
  7. Once installation is complete, go to “Library” on your menu and the SkillMill app will be available. Click to launch.