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Troubleshooting: Simulation Not Loading in Web Browser

A list of troubleshooting steps to identify (And potentially fix) an issue if your web browser is not loading a simulation

Interplay Learning websites require a machine to meet a certain level of requirements in order to run smoothly. If your web browser is not loading one of our simulations, go through the below troubleshooting steps.

  • Be sure to use a supported browser. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari are all supported, but not Internet Explorer.
  • Check your browser is WebGL compatible. Go to https://get.webgl.org/webgl2/. If the cube is spinning, then the browser is compatible. Our simulations require a browser to be WebGL compatible.
  • Download the latest version of your browser. We have another article that can help you with this: http://help.interplaylearning.com/en/help/browsers 
  • Check browser settings if there is a "Hardware Accelerator" option, and enable it
  • Check your browser settings if it is the 64bit version of that browser (often listed in the "About" section. Our simulations require a 64-bit browser, which you can upgrade to using the instructions in the Browser Download help article above.
  • Check your computer's settings to check if it has a 64-bit CPU installed. Your machine needs a 64-bit CPU to run a 64-bit browser. If your machine is not using a 64-bit CPU, you will need to either upgrade the CPU or use a different device.
  • Check your computer's RAM and ensure it has a minimum of 4gb. If your machine does not have at least 4 GB of RAM, you will need to either upgrade the RAM memory or use a different device.

    If you have performed the above steps and confirmed your machine meets the requirements, but are still having trouble with simulations loading, please reach out to support@interplaylearning.com for further assistance.