What is the difference between Competency Paths, Learning Paths, and Custom Learning Paths?

Structure your technicians' learning journey using these three different paths.

There are three ways to curate the learning journey for your technicians on SkillMill. Depending on the level of customization you want, you can apply one or all three paths within your organization's training curriculum. 

  1. Learning Path is a curated collection of courses a learner can take that is built on a unifying theme. Once they enroll into a learning path, learners can complete the course in whatever order they choose. For example, within the Multi-Family Maintenance catalog, you'll see Learning Paths for specific roles and purposes like Grounds Keeping, Service Manager - Advanced, and Make Ready
  2. Custom Learning Path is a curated collection of courses that the account admin creates for their learners. Learners must complete courses based on the sequence set by the account admin within each custom learning path. While this option is great for account admins who want a high level of customization for their learners, it can be time consuming to create each path. The account admin would need to have a wide breadth of knowledge on training needs and industry knowledge to curate an effective learning experience for their learners.
  3. RECOMMENDED: Competency Path is a curated collection of courses developed by Interplay Learning's team of subject matter experts and learning & development professionals. The sequence of the courses within each path is determined by our robust data and subject mater expertise. We recommend using competency paths to structure your apprentices and technicians' learning journey. With competency paths, you can customize HOW your technicians learn without the manual labor of designing individual custom learning paths. 

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