What does the Member Course Progress report contain?

The Member Course Progress Report is the best way to see what courses individual members are working on. You can customize time period and group(s) + subgroup(s) to find exactly what you're looking for.

After you've made your group and time period selections, the Team Course Progress Report will always contain:

You might see % completion as zero. This means that the user has clicked "Start", but hasn't made any progress in the course. 

Member Name
The name of the member taking the course
Course Name
The course name the user has started or made progress in
Short Name
The course code for the course
% completion
The % of the course the user has completed during the selected time range.
Recent Activity Date
Date the user last started or made any progress in a course
Date Started
Date the user started the course
Date Completed
Date the user reached 100% completion in the course

This report will always be sorted alphabetically by member name