What is the Command Center? How does it work?- Video

Build accountability in your team. Create bulk assignments, review those assignments, and create custom learnings paths. Watch this overview video to learn the ins and outs of the Command Center to maximize its features.

Due Date Wizard

Instructors will be able to navigate to this page from their Team page by clicking Command Center tab. The choices an admin marks here will simply factor into the already existing due dates that our platform suggests as they go through the flow of creating an assignment. Until choices are made to help guide due dates, the suggested due date will still be 7 days from assigning.
The Settings
The wizard will factor estimated hours of courses against the settings the admin chooses. So it will not treat a 1-hour course the same as a 12-hour course. This will produce suggested due dates that can always be edited manually when the admin is assigning the actual content.
Course Hours
This setting will tell the wizard how much training time users that belong to the group are expected to have. They can set hours per week or per month.
Busy Season
This setting will allow an admin to set black-out months when the wizard will not suggest any content due. It is a checkbox style, so they can choose any combination of months to consider too busy for assignments.
Subgroup Settings
The Course Hours and Busy Season settings can optionally be applied to all the subgroups nested in the group these account settings are being set on. These subgroups can have their own settings that override these inherited settings. An example of when this would make sense is a company that has an HVAC arm and a Plumbing arm where busy season only applies to HVAC users.
Clear Settings
This button will reset settings to default, as if no options had been selected. This will mean suggested due dates will be the standard 7 days after assignment.
These are a few clarification facts:
  • Courses that could hypothetically be completed in a day will always default to due a week from the assignment date. If a tech has 5 hours of training per week and a 1-hour course is assigned, it will be due at the end of the week.
  • If a large number of courses are being assigned at once with a single due date, the suggested due date will be a culmination of the course hours added up compared with the set training hours for the group. This means a tech with 5 hours of training per week being assigned 50-hours-worth of content will have a due date suggested to have all courses completed in 10 weeks from the assignment date.
  • If an Instructor is assigning to multiple groups at once and there are differing settings that would dictate separate due dates, the modal that pops up will separate the groups visually so that the differing suggested dates can be reviewed.
Here are a few examples: 
Learners have 5 hrs/week to train
Ten 1-hr courses to be assigned
5 courses will be due at the end of week 1, and 5 courses will be due at the end of week2
Learners have 5 hrs/week to train
One 25-hr course to be assigned
Suggested date will be at the end of week 5
Learners have busy season months blocked for the next 4 weeks
One course to be assigned
Suggested due date will be after busy season, plus time to complete the course
Learners already have 4 weeks worth of content assigned
Additional content needs to be assigned
The due date will be pushed back by 4 weeks