Can SCORM users use Tablets or the Quest II?

This article is specifically for SCORM customers that want to know what is needed to run our simulations on tablets or the Quest II

SCORM Users Checklist for using tablets and standalone Quest II

What is the Interplay Learning Player App?

This is an Interplay app for tablets and untethered VR headsets. Customers that access Interplay content through SCORM/LTI or a Whitelabel and use tablets and/or the untethered headset (aka Oculus Quest 2) must use our Interplay Player App. The app can be accessed and downloaded via:

Oculus Quest II step by step set up instructions:

You will need the Player App if…

  •     You are a SCORM/LTI and/or a Whitelabel user; AND
  •     You want to run Interplay simulations; AND
  •     You use tablets (iPad, Android,Samsung, etc.), AND/OR
  •     You use (will use) untethered VR headsets (aka Quest Oculus 2) 


If you DO need the Player App…here is the information checklist of what is needed to add you and use the player app:



Answers & Context


LMS Confirmation: What type of LMS do you use? Do the courses pop-up in new windows?

Each LMS interacts differently with the Player App. For simulations to work on tablets or Quest II standalone, course can not pop out into a new window


Can you share the LMS log-in URL?

We will need your starting URL to put into the Player App. so you will be logging in to the correct place. 


Preferred Company Logo

We will need a logo for the log-in screen (needs to be square)


Test Account in LMS w/ Log-In & Password** (or provide us with iFrame Data- see below)

To help us troubleshoot & create the app

All test accounts should have the username/email of “”

This is also required to view the iFrame and integrate into the Player App. (If we can’t get a test account- see below for the information we will need)


**If you are unable to create an Interplay Test account and need to create a player app, you’ll need to get us the iFrame Data. Find these directions below. 

How to Find the iframe Path

1) On Chrome web browser, on a Guest account (this eliminates any plugins that may interfere with the pathing), log into the LMS.

2) Launch any Interplay course (this is a different process in each LMS)

3) Open the developer console

4) This image below is what we will need a screenshot of.  Under the Console tab, open the menu that says "top." You are looking for the "" iframe: