What is the roadmap and how can I use it?

Whether you're evaluating Interplay Learning's course offering for your company's training needs or looking to update your current curriculum on SkillMill, you need a way to easily view all current and future courses Interplay Learning offer. The roadmap is designed to do exactly that. 
Using the features below, you can easily filter and organize the information you're looking for and download a PDF of it for your record. 

Features Available on the Roadmap

Filter and Sorting

Organize the information the way you want it with filters and sorting. Filters available include:
  • Status: Course release status
    • All = All courses regardless of status
    • New = Courses released within the last 90 days; the release date will be included
    • Released = Courses released for more than 90 days; the release date will be included
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: We have not tracked released dates until May 2021. Any release dates before May 2021 is the best estimation we have.
    • In Production = Courses the Production team is actively building
    • Future = Courses on the roadmap and HAVE NOT been scheduled for production. This includes both courses that we have approved for future build as well as courses that we are researching.
  • Industry: Which industry is the course applicable to; a course may show up in more than one industry.
  • Skill Level: The intended learner's skill level
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Media Type: The format of the course
    • Video
    • 3D/Simulation
  • Cont. Education: The continuing education units that the course qualifies for
  • Language: The languages is the course localized for

Find Your Content
User keywords to search for any topic you're interested in across all of Interplay Learning's catalog.


Whether you need a quick list of all courses within the Multifamily Catalog or a detailed view of all courses across catalogs, you can easily use the features above to filter and sort for what you need, then download it. We have two views you can download:
  • Abridged View - This branded PDF will give you the basic information needed (course name, course code, skill level, media type, language, CEUs, industry, and release dates)
  • Detailed View - This branded PDF will give you all of the above AND
    • A summary of what the course is about
    • A breakdown of the lessons within the course
    • Estimated duration of the course
Special Note on Downloads:
  • When referring to a downloaded PDF, please take note of the download page which is listed on every single page of the download at the top right corner.

Expanded Course View

Want to know what a course is about? You can easily expand the course view via the carrot at the right to see additional information about a course from how many hours it takes, a summary description of the course, the individual lessons, and more!

Click Through to the Course on SkillMill

See a course you're interested in? You can go directly to that course overview page within SkillMill from the public roadmap.

Checking Translation Status

You can download a full list of translated courses and/or check a specific course's translation status at any time using our live roadmap and catalog, which is linked here

Download a List of Currently Translated Courses

To download a list of all currently translated courses, use our live roadmap and catalog to filter for Status: New and Released (be sure to check both of these and NOT In Production or Future) and Language: Spanish. Select Apply to save your changes and finally your preferred format, PDF or CSV, to download the list. 

Check a Course's Translation Status

Search the name of the course and look under the last column, Language. Should you see Spanish, this means the translation is live for that course–but should you see only English, this indicates that the course is not yet translated. 

Translation Requests and/or Feedback

Should you ever have questions, translation requests or any feedback on the translations, don't hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support team, either by submitting a ticket on our platform or emailing them at support@interplaylearning.com.


Ready to see the roadmap? Access it here.