What type of email notification does a learner receive?

Here are the different email notifications that a learner would get

Below you'll find the content for each email, how it's triggered, and a screenshot of what the learner with receive.

💡 Learners will be able to unsubscribe from these emails if they'd like. It will not unsubscribe them from ANY other emails, including marketing emails and other platform emails such as "reset password" emails.
Getting Started and Set up your password
Screenshot of email verification email
Certificate earned
This email will send every time a user receives a certificate. The email will encourage them to share their accomplishments, and congratulate them for their hard work!
Reminder to start a new course
This email serves as a reminder for learners to start a new course after they complete a previous course. Once they’ve finished a course, this email will remind them to start a new course 7 days later if they haven’t already enrolled in a new course.
Take time to learn
This email will be a reminder to "take five minutes to learn",  since we have a lot of "micro content" our learners can use. It will be sent to users who haven't logged in to the platform in 3 weeks. This email will only be sent once.
Reminder to finish coursework
We know that our learners want to be reminded to finish their coursework, and this email will encourage our learners to do just that! It is sent after a user has made at least 40% progress in a course, and was last seen 7 days ago. This email will only be sent once, and will be sent based on the last course they made progress in.
Course Satisfaction Email
We will send this 24 hours after the learner receives the certificate email after finishing a course.