What is changing with the EPA 608 Prep paths and how does it affect me?

EPA 608 Prep paths are merging into one! Enroll in the EPA 608 Certification Prep path to maintain your progress.

What is changing for the EPA 608 pathways and how does it affect me?

Beginning July 19, the Facilities Maintenance, Hospitality, and Commercial HVAC catalogs will no longer include Learning Paths titled ‘EPA 608 Prep’. Instead, we will be merging the Learning Paths into one, named EPA 608 Certification Prep. This path will originate in the HVAC catalog and be shared in all four catalogs as a common path.

In order for learner progress to remain the same, we strongly encourage you or your learners to re-enroll in the EPA 608 Certification Prep Learning Path.. 

What are Learning Paths? 

Learning Paths are expertly curated roadmaps that are created to help learners develop fundamental skills in the right order.

Admins can choose to assign Learning Paths to learners from the list found within each course catalog. Once they have been assigned, they are then added to the learners’ main dashboard under the “My Learning Paths” section.

How will customers benefit from these new Learning Path structures? 

This update will allow for administrators to have a more seamless experience in SkillMill when assigning and enrolling learners in the EPA 608 Certification Prep Learning Path. Learners will see the same path in the Facilities Maintenance, Hospitality, Commercial HVAC, and HVAC catalogs instead of four separate, but identical, paths

How long do customers have before we sunset the original Learning Paths in each catalog? 

Original Learning Paths will merge 30 days after initial communications have been rolled out. With this slow migration, we will listen for customer feedback and consider changes to this timeline based on customer impact. 

What will customers have to do once the original Learning Paths are sunset? 

Once the original Learning Paths have been sunset from SkillMill, customers are strongly encouraged to migrate to the new pathways.   

What will happen to learners that are enrolled/active in a path when it gets "sunset"? 

They will no longer have access to a sunset path. 

Will there be any sort of "in product" recommendations for new paths based on old path performance?

Yes. There will be a notification on the page for each of the sunset paths and a targeted notification for anyone currently enrolled in a sunset path notifying them of the change as well as the path they should enroll in to continue their progress.