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How do I access Career Exploration from Interplay Learning?

Career Exploration courses enable learners to virtually explore skilled trades careers through a variety of immersive scenarios and interviews with tradespeople.

Career Exploration is a collection of courses designed to give a glimpse into the skilled trades to students, young adults, or adults transitioning in their careers. They include interviews from tradespeople, videos and simulations with common skills and scenarios someone would encounter in each trade, and a summary of a career in each trade in the form of a downloadable PDF.

What are the Career Exploration courses?

What is special about these courses?

The Career Exploration courses are comprised of lessons from other courses that demonstrate skills and job duties encountered in each trade. We have added interviews with men and women in the trades who share about their start in the trades and how it has impacted their lives. In each course we provide a PDF available to download with an overview of the trade, job duties, job titles, and attributes that would lead to success in the trade.

How can I access these courses?

The courses are in the exclusive Career Exploration environment. Having trouble accessing? Shoot us an email at support@interplaylearning.com we'd love to help!