How do I find the right path for me or my learners?

Easy-to-navigate search and filter options help you locate the most relevant paths.

What are Paths? 

Paths in SkillMill take the guesswork out of determining which courses are needed to achieve a certain set of skills. They put learners in front of the most relevant courses, in the correct order, to provide the fastest and most complete journey to skills and career goals.

There are two types of paths available in SkillMill:

  1. Learning Path is a curated collection of courses a learner can take that is built on a unifying theme. Learning paths are created by industry experts and already exist in each catalog. Once learners enroll in a learning path, they can complete the courses in any order they choose. For example, within the Multi-Family Maintenance catalog, you'll see Learning Paths for specific roles and purposes like Grounds KeepingService Manager - Advanced, and Make Ready
  2. Custom Learning Path is a curated collection of courses that the account admin creates in Command Center for their own learners. Learners must complete courses based on the sequence set by the account admin within each custom learning path. While this option is great for account admins who want a high level of customization for their learners, it is important that account admins have a wide breadth of knowledge on training needs and industry knowledge to curate an effective learning experience for their learners.
    If you'd like more information on how to create a custom learning path, please read this article.

Locating Learning Paths in SkillMill

Looking for the right learning path for you or your learners has never been easier! Now there are two ways to explore paths: filters and search.  


Filters help you narrow down your search for the right path. While you're exploring each catalog, you can filter paths to find what's most relevant to you or your learners.

There are three filters you can mix and match including:

  1. Status 
  2. Skill Level
  3. Skills

For example, you might be looking for what's available for your newer techs. Simply choose beginner from the "Skill Level" filter, click apply, and you're all set! 


The search feature pinpoints specific paths related to the term you are searching for. When you utilize the search bar, you'll be able to see three types of results: 

  1. Path Results
  2. Course Results
  3. Activity Results

Simply type in what you're most interested in and we'll handle the rest! 

Assigning Paths in Command Center

When assigning paths in Command Center, admins can now view all path options in the "paths" section.

Alternatively, admins can navigate to the "custom learning paths" section to view any previously created custom paths.