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How do I turn a Quest II into a tethered headset?

This article offers directions for uses using Quest II and link cable to launch VR sims

We recommend the Oculus Quest 2 headset($299) with a link cable($75-$100) and a gaming system($1000 - $1500) which you can find the spec's for on the hyperlink below. 

Wired Quest 2 Set Up step by step

  1. Wired  
    1. Unpacking the Headset
      1. Follow Oculus’s instructions
      2. Turn on the headset(if you have glasses add the insert provided)
      3. Remove the packing strip so handset batteries can connect and pair controllers
      4. Login to Oculus  
        1. Download the Oculus App on your phone 
        2. I did this with Facebook login(Facebook Account/login is required)
      1. Make sure Oculus App and Interplay Learning SkillMill App are downloaded on your computer (SkillMill Windows App can be found here:  https://www.interplaylearning.com/interplay-download-desktop-app) If you are a SCORM or Whitelabel user, you will need to get your specific windows app from your Customer Success Manager. 
    1. Open the Oculus App on your desktop, and open the Settings menu. Go to the General tab and toggle "Unknown Sources" to on and also select Set Oculus as active in the Open XR Runtime
    2. Open the SkillMill App and have your Sim ready to launch
    3. Plug in headset, click enable link, ready to play!
    4. Launch SkillMill Sim you want to complete.