How can I view and download my continuing education units (CEU)?

Hint: They're listed on each of your course completion certificates! Watch this video to find out more

After you’ve completed a qualifying course, you can download the completion certificate and attach that to your certification application.

  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to “My Certificates”
  2. Select the relevant courses
  3. Click on the download icon at the top left corner of your certificate
    HubSpot Video

    Example of a Certificate of Completion


    Connect Your NATE ID to SkillMill

    For NATE, you can also submit your CEUs directly through SkillMill by entering your NATE ID into SkillMill. Your CEUs will be automatically registered in NATE’s system when you’ve completed a course.

    1. From the top right corner, select your name then “Profile” from the dropdown menu 
    2. Locate “NATE ID” click "EDIT NATE ID"
    3. Enter your NATE ID and click "SAVE CHANGES"