3. Install Interplay apps on your Meta Quest Device

Here are the steps to find and download SkillMill from the Quest store

1.To access the store, navigate to the Universal Menu by pressing the Oculus button  /   on your right Touch controller and then locate and select the Store Icon.



2. When you're in the store, use the front trigger to click on the top search bar and type in "Interplay." The app you download will depend on your account type.

  • If you're an individual subscriber, you will need to download the SkillMill app
  • If you're using a Whitelabel or LMS, you will need to download the Interplay Learning Player app

If you're unsure which app to download, don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager or contact support@interplaylearning.com for assistance.


3. To access the app, simply tap on it and a description popup will appear. From there, click on 'View in Store' to proceed. You may see a popup for the Available Through App Lab, just click OK. Finally, look for the blue 'Get' button and click on it to add the app to your app library.

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4. After downloading the app, you can refer to our guides to assist you in navigating our platform in VR.