SSO and Compatibility

SSO is a cool and easy way to sign on to multiple websites and applications using just one set of credentials. Here, we'll discuss compatibility and whether SSO is for you!

Let's talk about passwords! Sometimes, passwords can leave us feeling frustrated, confused and sometimes just plain baffling! We've all forgotten a password at one point or another. If you're like me, you've felt like this: 

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What is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign On and is a way for users to sign in to multiple websites and applications using just one set of credentials! Examples of SSO providers include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Okta, etc. There are many possibilities when it comes to SSO!


With SSO:

  • Users won't need to remember a separate username/password than they do for their usual work systems. Which means no more getting locked out because you can't remember the password! 
  • Users will have access to the full SkillMill experience when using the web or app. 

  • SSO revamps security!
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It's worth considering: 

  • There are technical requirements for set-up and compatibility needs to be met. (Your technical support has more information about these requirements).
  • SSO allows users to log in to SkillMill without having to use a separate username/password, however it will not transfer information like scores, progress, etc back to your HRIS or LMS. This information will still remain on SkillMill. 


Now, let's talk about compatibility!

  • The most important thing to remember when considering using SSO in conjunction with SkillMill is that we utilize the OpenId Connect (OIDC) method of authentication. This means we can utilize with any Identity provider that is OIDC compatible! 
  • We have dedicated, pre-built SSO options for Google and Microsoft. 
  • OIDC works well with mobile applications and is centered around user-friendliness! 
  • It can be implemented on almost all devices, such as VR headsets and tablet applications

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You may be wondering, "I'm currently using SkillMill and would like to use SSO, can I do that?" As long as your SSO provider uses OIDC, yes!


We hope this article helped clear any questions or doubts you may have had about SSO! As always, thank you for using this article and happy learning!