NEW Learning Paths for Plumbing SkillMill Users

Interplay Learning will be addin 10 new paths to the Plumbing catalog. Read on for more about who they're for and what outcomes can be expected!

What is the update? 

Beginning 11/29/23, the Plumbing catalog will have ten new expertly curated Learning Paths available. Ranging from core fundamental courses to plumbing related safety and equipment-based scenarios, these new Learning Paths will give admins the ability to assign pathways based on individual learners’ needs and positions, creating career paths to help their team become more well-rounded in the field. 

What are Learning Paths? 

Learning Paths are expertly curated roadmaps to help learners develop fundamental skills in an order that builds on previous knowledge and practice.

You can choose to assign Learning Paths within the Plumbing course catalog. Once they have been assigned, they are then added to the learners’ main dashboard under the “My Learning Paths” section. 

Benefits for Admins & Learners 


  • Improve ramp-up time for apprentices and technicians by providing formal Learning Paths that are built for success 
  • Improve troubleshooting capabilities and give you the confidence they are sending the right technicians out on the right job 
  • Develop in-house experts who can be your go-to on specific equipment and controls 
  • Reduce technician turnover by supporting in-house career growth with hands-on training 
  • Ensure apprentices and technicians are maximizing their time and developing skills for a profitable business


  • Improve troubleshooting capabilities and gain the confidence needed to make a positive impact in the field 
  • Gain access to a formal path for career success, all in-house 
  • Make a positive impact on their team by rounding out their foundational knowledge 
  • Retain the critical knowledge necessary to do their job safely and correctly by gaining access to a formalized safety Learning Path

Frequently Asked Questions

How will customers benefit from these new Learning Path structures? 

These new Learning Path structures offer teams a more intuitive, digestible experience for career growth and hands-on training. New paths were created to strategically align with current industry standards. Shorter, bite-sized paths offer ongoing encouragement to continue the learner’s journey and better timeline management of due dates.

How long does it take to complete each of these new Learning Paths? 

A breakdown of each Learning Path length can be found in this guide. 

What will the ‘in-product’ communication be?

Once the pathways have been released (11/29/2023), our “in product” communication will include a pop-up in the admin dashboard notifying customers that the plumbing pathways are now available. 

New Learning Paths

Core: Plumbing Safety

Core: Drain Clearing Tech (Pt 1 and 2)

Core: Residential Service Tech (Pt 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Advanced: Residential Service Tech 

Equipment: Water Heaters 

Equipment: Faucet and Fixture