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What is Career Exploration in Interplay Academy?

Career Exploration courses enable learners to virtually explore skilled trades careers through a variety of immersive scenarios and interviews with tradespeople.

Who is Career Exploration for in Academy?

Career Exploration is for anyone who wants to learn more about different careers in the trades. This is the best starting place for any learner who is unsure of which trade Academy program they want to enroll in.
In Academy, there are two entry points into career exploration:
  1. Start with The Career Exploration Quiz, and then take Career Exploration courses
  2. Start with Career Exploration courses
It is not a requirement to complete Career Exploration or any of the courses before starting in an Academy program.
What courses are available in the Career Exploration Academy?
  • Explore a Career in Plumbing
  • Explore a Career in HVAC
  • Explore a Career in Multi-Family Facilities Maintenance
  • Explore a Career in Electrical
  • Explore a Career in Construction
  • Explore a Career in Building Maintenance
  • Explore a Career in Appliance Service

What does this experience look like for a learner?

  1. Start with the quiz for a recommendation on which trade to explore first. The quiz does not require logging in or an account to be created to be completed. 
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  2. At the end of the quiz enter your email to receive your results. You can also send results to your program administrator.
  3. View your results and select which trade you want to begin exploring. We recommend starting with the trade with the highest number which indicates a stronger match.
  4. Login to start your first course.
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  5. When you have completed your course, continue exploring by selecting another course on your dashboard.
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  7. When you are finished exploring, click "get started" and select your Academy program.
  8. You will be enrolled in your selected program within 5-10 business days. You will receive an email when your program is ready to start. If you have questions regarding your enrollment, please contact your program manager.

As an admin, how to I move a learner into their chosen Academy program?

For instructions on moving a user from the Career Exploration Academy group to their chosen Academy program see this help center article.