What is changing with HVAC paths and how does it affect me?

HVAC paths are getting a makeover! We have carefully formulated a plan to help you migrate smoothly to updated paths.

Beginning February 1, 2023, the HVAC catalog will have 7 new expertly curated Learning Paths available. 

Ranging from core fundamental courses covering HVAC principles and controls to advanced courses for heating and cooling diagnostics, these new Learning Paths will give the ability to assign pathways based on individual learners’ needs and positions, and help teams become more well-rounded in the field and their careers. 

Will our existing HVAC Learning Paths be changing?

Yes. Most of our existing paths will be replaced by the new paths or retired on 5/31/2023, with two paths flagged for later retirement on August 4 (marked * in the table below). This slow migration allows us to respond to your questions and direct you to the proper path based on progress in existing paths.

What are Learning Paths? 

Learning Paths are expertly curated roadmaps to help learners develop fundamental skills in an order that builds on previous knowledge and practice.

You can choose to assign Learning Paths within the HVAC course catalog. Once they have been assigned, they are then added to the learners’ main dashboard under the “My Learning Paths” section. 

Benefits for Admins & Learners 

  • For Admins/Managers
    • Improve ramp-up time for apprentices and technicians by providing formal Learning Paths that are built for success 
    • Improve troubleshooting capabilities and give them the confidence they are sending the right technicians out on the right job 
    • Develop in-house experts who can be their go-to on specific equipment and controls 
    • Reduce technician turnover by supporting in-house career growth with hands-on training 
    • Ensure apprentices and technicians are maximizing their time and developing skills for a profitable business
  • For Learners: 
    • Improve troubleshooting capabilities and gain the confidence needed to make a positive impact in the field 
    • Gain access to a formal path for career success, all in-house
    • Make a positive impact on your team by rounding out your foundational knowledge  
    • Retain the critical knowledge necessary to do their job safely and correctly by gaining access to a formalized safety Learning Path 

How will customers benefit from these new Learning Path structures?

These new Learning Path structures offer technicians a more intuitive, digestible experience for career growth and hands-on training. New paths were created to strategically align with current industry standards.

How long does it take to complete each of these new Learning Paths? 

A breakdown of each Learning Path length can be found at the very bottom of this article.

I am/my techs are enrolled in a path(s) that will be sunset. How long do I have to migrate to a new learning path?

The specified original HVAC learning paths will sunset 90 days after their replacements are released. This slow migration allows you to make any necessary changes to your learning plans. 

Will the courses in the sunset paths be retired as well?

No. The courses will remain in their respective catalogs. In some cases, many courses carry over to their new path as well.

What should I do once the original Learning Paths are sunset? 

Once the replacement paths are added to SkillMill on February 1, you are strongly encouraged to migrate to the new pathways within 90 days. We will monitor progress and engagement in these paths leading up to the 90-day change date.   

Will learners still be able to access their certificates for these completed Learning Paths?

Yes, learners will have access to certificates for completion of original Learning Paths in their dashboard.

Will learners still get credit for completing the courses in the Learning Paths?

Yes, any courses already completed will be marked as complete no matter the path in which they appear.

Will enrollment and completion of Learning Paths still show up in reporting?

No, hidden paths/courses will no longer appear in admin reports after the change, but it should be encouraged that you pull reports leading up to the change to reflect the latest enrollment/completion for your records. These courses, however, will still appear as complete on SkillMill for the learner. 

What will happen to learners that are enrolled/active in a Learning Path when it gets "sunset"? 

Learners will no longer be able to access their Learning Path when it gets sunset. 

Will there be any sort of "in product" recommendations for new Learning Paths based on old path performance?

Yes! Once the new paths are live on the platform, old paths will point to the new relevant paths, encouraging users to continue their learning on the updated version of the path. We will also share clear internal correlation guides, sharing which paths are replaced and by what.

What will the ‘in-product’ communication be?

Our “in product” communication will include timed reminders for admins and users with explanations of what is changing (with links to additional resources), and a message to migrate to the relevant new path before 5/31/2023. 

Will I still be able to assign the original Learning Paths during the 90-day migration period? 

You will technically be able to assign them, but with in-product pop-ups warning that the path will be sunset by 5/31/2023, it is highly advised that you assign the replacement pathway as early as possible so that learner progress is not cut off.

Is there a way to "archive" old paths, so I can see what was in previous paths?

Currently, no. However, we will keep a detailed log of path versioning info available publicly to users. 



Core: Ductwork and Airflow

Core: Safety

EPA 608 Certification Prep


Existing Path Action(s) New Path(s)
Jump Start: HVAC Fundamentals 1*
Renamed, course added Core: HVAC Fundamentals 1
Jump Start: HVAC Fundamentals 2
Renamed, 2 courses replaced Core: HVAC Fundamentals 2
HVAC Cooling Basics
Renamed, course added Core: Evacuation & Charging
Next Level: Cooling Diagnostics* Rename Advanced: Cooling Diagnostics
Next Level: Heating Diagnostics
Renamed, course removed Advanced: Heating Diagnostics
 Jump Start: Electrical & Controls Renamed Core: HVAC Electrical & Controls
HVAC Mini-Camp Retired NA
HVAC Cooling Basics Retired NA
HVAC Electricity Retired NA
HVAC Service Tech Level 1 Retired NA
HVAC Service Tech: Jumpstart Program Retired NA
HVAC Service Tech: Troubleshooting Master Retired  NA
Next Level: Refrigerant Systems Retired NA

*Flagged for late retirement on August 4, 2023. 

For questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.