What are the different Roles I can I assign to my Team Members?

Roles determine what permissions your Team Members have in SkillMill. The available roles are Member, Instruction Assistant, and Instructor.

A Team Member can have different roles in different groups and sub-groups. For example, you might be a Member in your company's top-level group, but an Instructor in one or more sub-groups. You can learn more about the differences between an Instructor and Instruction Assistant here.

The available roles are:


Instructor Instructors have full administrative access. They can view team member information, download reports, and assign content.  They also can add, remove, and edit members.
Instruction Assistant Instruction Assistants have limited administrative access. They can view team members and assign content but cannot edit members. 
Member Member is the standard user role. These users can access the full catalog and see their assigned content as well as view their own dashboard and information.