Can I import or update my users in bulk?

Yes! Save time by importing or updating all your users at once, using a CSV file instead of adding them one by one.

How to Import Users in Bulk:

Step 1 - Have All Your User Information Ready:

Make sure you've gathered all the names and emails for all your users. (Note: team admins will need to be added separately. Those instructions are included towards the end of this article).

Step 2 - Create a New CSV file (or Download the Template)

Create a new Excel or Google Sheets file. Be sure to save it as a .CSV with a file name that you will be able to find easily later such as "MyTeamMembers.csv".

You  can also download a template by going to the Team Members tab and selecting the "+ Upload CSV" button. At the bottom of the instructions window that opens there is a "Download CSV Template - all columns" button that will download the template CSV to  your computer.

Step 3 - Add the Column headers 

Note: If you downloaded the template in the previous step, the column headers will already be filled in for you and you can skip this step

In the first row, you'll need to add these required column headers:

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • user_role

You may also wish to add some of the optional columns. More information is available in Step 4 to help you decide whether you want to include them or not. 

Step 4 - Add Your Users' Information

Add the required names, email addresses, and roles of each of your users. Make sure names are capitalized and that emails are all lowercase. Below are the details for the required columns: 

Required Columns Details

Column  Description
first_name First name of a new user.  


Last name of a new user. 
email Email address of a new user. 
user_role The options available are "Instructor", "Instruction Assistant", and "Member". Member is the default role. For more information about the available roles click here

Additionally, you may choose to add some of the optional columns for your users. Below are the details for the optional columns: 

Optional Columns Details

Column Description
password Password for a new user. Password must be at least 6 characters and do not have to be unique. Users whose passwords are set with CSV will not receive an invitation email.
location Set a location for a user. Examples might be a city, specific office, or site location. 
job_title Job title for a user. 
group_id ID of the group that you are adding the user to. If left blank, user will be added to your main group. This field only needs to be filled in if you use sub-groups. 
remove This field is only used if you are modifying an existing team member to remove them from the group. If you want to remove the user from the group, enter TRUE. Otherwise, leave empty or enter FALSE. If you are creating a new user, leave empty or enter FALSE.
provider Use this field to specify which authentication provider your users must use. If left blank, a user will be offered the choice of login providers. Available providers: email, Google (google), Microsoft (microsoft), Apple (apple). White labels may have more provider options like Azure Identity (azure_id) or Open ID Connect (OIDC).
trade If you would like to specify your trade you can do so here. Available trades: Residential HVAC, Commercial HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Solar, Multi-Family Maintenance, and Facilities Maintenance.

Step 5 - Save the File

Save or download the CSV file to your computer. 

Step 6 - Upload the CSV 

In your Team Members tab, select the "+ Upload CSV" button. Select the CSV file from your computer, wait a moment, and your users will be added automatically!

Step 7 - Ensure your team members access their accounts

It's a good idea to ensure that you know how your team members will access their accounts after you've added them. This is determined by whether you used the password column or not.

If you did not use the Password column, then your team members will receive an email welcoming them and asking them to verify their email addresses.

The subject line of the email will read, "Hi [team member's name], Please Verify Your Email Address To Complete Your Account". Inside the email there will be a link, which your team members will follow in order to set a password or choose another login method.

Team members who have not completed their account set up by following the instructions from the email will appear on the Team Members page with a "resend invitation" option under their Recent Activity column. You can resend their invitation email if they didn't receive it, or you can use the Pencil icon next to their name to set a password for them manually, which will allow them to sign in on your team's login page.

If you used the Password column to set your team members' passwords, then those members will not receive an invitation email, and you'll need to make sure you contact them directly to provide their passwords and the correct login URL for your team's account.

How to add an Admin

Want to add a fellow Admin user? You'll need to add them separately from the bulk import csv file.

  • Click the Team Members tab
  • Click "Add a Member"
  • Enter their name and email address
  • Use the drop down menu to choose Instructor or Instruction Assistant, depending on the administrative privileges you want to assign.

How to Update Users in Bulk:

Follow the guidance above to create a CSV with the updates. The CSV will need the same required columns and can include whichever optional columns you want to update.

Any information in the CSV will overwrite existing account data. For example, if a password is included in the CSV, the old password will be replaced with the password from the CSV.

Blank fields in the CSV will not overwrite existing account data. For example, if your CSV includes a "location" column, but you do not want to update the location for a particular member, you can leave that member's "location" field blank. The existing member location will remain unchanged after uploading the CSV file.

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