Chapter Linking

This article will inform you on what chapter linking includes and what the switch to chapter linking would look like if you'd like to choose it.

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We understand how difficult it can be to differentiate between SCORM, LTI, chapter linking, and not chapter linking. 

So, let's talk about who can chapter link and what chapter linking is. 

For those of you who use SCORM, chapter linking isn't the recommended option. Chapter linking for you would mean having to download and upload multiple pieces of courses which would take an exponentially longer time than our current upload process.

However, if you'd like to make that change, it's completely possible and even recommended! It's seamless to get users switched over, so if you'd like to, we encourage you to speak to your Account Manager to receive this upgrade for your site!

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As for users who are already using LTI, using chapter linking is as easy as following these guides: 

You'll find that by using the LTI standard, you'll save much more time and effort in the process. 

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Using LTI for chapter linking means: 

  • Easily being able to pick chapters out of our content, including simulations and knowledge checks for your courses. 
  • Not having to upload courses or parts of courses one by one
  • One less headache, and more time for a coffee break! ☕

Recently, Chapter Linking has become even better with the introduction of LTI Advantage! 


With LTI advantage, users will have some features previously unavailable. These include: 

    • percent complete value transfer to Blackboard grade book
    • the easy-to-use instructor interface for adding IL course content
    • Ability to link to a course, chapter, or sub-chapter


Thank you for taking the time to read this article! We hope this provided you with the information you needed and helped put you on the path you were looking for! 

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