Getting started with Meta Quest 2

Quest 2 setup and Interplay App install Process 


Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Unboxing & Setup | Meta

Watch this video to quickly set up your Quest 2 headset!

Quest 2 Setup Guide | VR Headset Unboxing | Meta Quest - Video

Additional information on the initial setup can be found here:

You Got A Quest 2 - Here's How To Set It Up! 


After the initial setup is complete, you need to pair the Quest 2 to the Oculus mobile app on your phone. Using a supported phone (iOS 10+ or Android 5.0+), download the app and follow the onscreen instructions.

NOTE: Meta has removed the Facebook account requirement and switched to Meta Accounts. The new Meta account structure gives VR users more flexibility and control, letting you choose how you do and don’t show up – and whether Facebook and/or Instagram is part of your experience in VR and other surfaces where you use your Meta Horizon profile. 

If you are new to Meta VR Devices (e.g. Oculus Quest 2): You have the ability to create a Meta account using an email address, FB account, or Instagram account. 

If you already use Facebook to log into VR: You must create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile, so the steps will look a little different for you. 

For more information on getting started with Meta Accounts, click here

Installing the Oculus mobile app on your phone

Downloading Interplay App

Once you have completed your headset set up,  take it off and open your phone. Your Account Manager or Sales Rep will instruct you on which app to install (Note: the SkillMill and Interplay Learning Player apps are both available through the App Lab. These apps can be downloaded directly from the store on the headset, but are located in the bottom App Lab section of the search results).


Interplay Learning Player

1. On the download page, you will click the Blue Get button (a warning will pop up telling you to make sure you have enough room for VR) Hit Continue.

2.  Once the screen goes away, the "Get" button says "Purchased" for just a second

 Then it will look like Slide 2 and it will now be available in your headset!

Put on your headset: To Find the app in your headset, click the app tray button as shown in this picture

CONGRATS You have set up your headset and are ready to launch!

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