Below you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding SCORM!

What is SCORM?

In technical terms, SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), is a set of technical standards for web-based educational software products. In simpler terms, SCORM is a .zip file of content that can be uploaded to an LMS.
Want to dive deeper? Refer to this article to learn more about SCORM. 😎

What user data does Interplay Learning store?

In order to track course progress, seat counts, and usage data, we require a unique ID which is sent from the customer’s learning management system associated with a particular user.
This ID is generally an email, a unique user ID, or a GUID and is defined by the customer’s LMS.
In order to provide a customized experience for our users, we also require the user's name. This can be anonymized, but is necessary.
If the user data provided by the LMS is anonymized, then so is the data we store for that user.
In addition to the user’s unique ID, we also store their first and last name in order to personalize their learning experience. However, this step can be skipped if required for privacy.

In other words, the only user data that we require in order for our system to work is the cmi.core.student_id which is passed from the customer’s LMS, to be stored in our database, and cmi.core.student_name.

What grading feedback can I expect?

Our courses will send your LMS a "percent complete" value.

What does this mean for you?

For example, if your assignment is worth 100 points and the learner completes 30% of the content, the score in the gradebook will display as 30.

If your assignment is worth 110 points, and the learner completes 30% of the content, the score in the gradebook will display as 33. 

This grade will update every time the learner progresses further in the Interplay Learning course. 

Generally, you can expect to see a progress/completion value with our courses. 

If you'd like to dive deeper, please read this article!

How often are your SCORM courses updated, and would I need to re-import the updated content into my LMS?

While we currently don't run on a schedule to update courses, if we do update a course, you don't need to redownload your course or reupload! Our SCORM courses continue being linked to our system and update themselves. 😎

Are all of your courses SCORM compliant? Or are only specific ones compliant?

All of our courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant!

What are the system requirements for running the interactive 3D simulations and video content?

We have all of our system requirements detailed here in this article.

Can I use VR with your SCORM Courses?

Yes, you can access our content using the Interplay Learning Player App! For system requirements, take a look at  this article for more info! 
We also have another article detailing how to get set up on your Meta Quest 2 here!
If you'd like to dive a little deeper, we have a full section of VR Resources in this section.

Can my techs access training on their iPad, Android tablet, or phone?

When it comes to accessing content on your phone, please be aware that you will be able to watch videos and answer knowledge checks, but you will not be able to run simulations on your phone. Phone screen sizes are too small, and our content is quite large. A phone processor can't keep up with our 3D simulations. 
iPads and Tablets: 
Yes, however App Store requirements for login, registration, etc. must be met by your  learning management system.
  • Note that simulations will not run in a browser on tablet or VR devices. To run our simulations on an iPad, Android tablet, or VR headset, you will need to use the SkillMill or Interplay Learning Player app.
  • If your LMS already has a tablet app, it would NOT support our 3D simulation content.
More information on using SCORM on tablets can be found here. This article will help you find the correct app to download
Device requirements can be found here.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us Interplay Learning support for more help or check out our LMS Resources here!
As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read our articles! We love empowering our Learners with Knowledge! Happy Learning, everyone! 
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